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Relief Responders

About Us

Relief Responders is a USA and international not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Alpharetta GA, founded in 2022 that aims to empower and respond to survivors of natural disasters, crises, and emergencies by helping them regain self-sufficiency through the provision of holistic disaster relief support services.

The founder of Relief Responders could not overlook the suffering of vulnerable survivors in the United States and across the world who seek guidance and help in order to attain their full potential.

After seeing all the tragedies around the world, this organization was founded with a sole purpose: protecting, saving lives, assisting, and creating a welcoming environment that gives hope to survivors during challenging times by offering holistic humanitarian assistance aimed at catering to their needs within our community.

We facilitate communities to respond to humanitarian emergencies to alleviate survivors’ suffering and to implement innovative community-driven programs that transform lives and enhance community resilience. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our people by ensuring they are fully inspired, empowered, and hopeful through our holistic support services, ranging from financial, and relief assistance, and connecting them to resources to live and lead impactful lives.

At our non-profit organization, we create and foster an empowering environment that will ensure our people in the community thrive and has the chance to reach their full potential and become agents of change. We are driven by our passionate belief that we are responsible for safeguarding the interest of all survivors and motivating them through our innovative and dynamic support solutions that will help rejuvenate their lives and help them become more productive in life. We want to be present in as many disaster sites as possible as an emergency preparedness and response organization, striving to save lives, improve community resilience, deepen localization, and promote dignity across the United States.

By creating a hospitable atmosphere, we give hope to the disadvantaged survivors in the community. It is through our strong, relational connection that our community members become holistically empowered and motivated to move ahead in a healthy and resilient way.

Relief Responders


The Relief Responders is guided by the following core values. These ‘columns’ create the foundation of our non-profit organization, reflecting our main priorities and also the approach and perspective we bring to our members.

Relief Responders

Our Commitment

At Relief Responders, we are committed to fostering compassion and improving tomorrow for all vulnerable survivors by collaborating with other donors that contribute funds to keep our non-profit running.

We pride ourselves by providing world-class and compassionate humanitarian aid services for all survivors regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.


What People Say

I love attending the church! I love gathering together at worships and events with our big believing family. I have felt my personal growth and strength in serving people, making this world a better place.

Nick Jones

Nick Jones


The wonderful mission that our church does is truly priceless! The practice of giving is awesome and brings results. I ask everyone who isn’t indifferent to donate and take part! God bless you all!

Anna Gordon

Anna Gordon


My husband and I come here every Sunday. This church has the nice, inspirational, and devout atmosphere. Many good and kind people pray here. I recommend joining us with all your family!

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee